Wizards, Hobbits, and Harry Potter

In 2001, FamilyLife reviewed the top search terms on
#1 sex
#2 divorce
#3 Harry Potter

The ministry regularly addresses the top two, but had not uttered one word about #3. Number 11 on the list was "Pokemon". In 2001, I was assigned a research project: develop outlines for broadcasts and a web-delivered information sheet regarding fantasy literature, video games, and Pokemon cards.

The response to the broadcasts was so large, the ministry asked me to expand my findings into a book and radio special. The book, Wizards, Hobbits, and Harry Potter was born in 2002. Christian retail embraced the book and it found it's way into all of the major chains and online retailers. The book was featured in Parable's and LifeWay's direct mail catalogs.

The article on Tolkien was used in an edition of FamilyLife's online magazine, The Family Room. It is available at my iDisk site. You'll find the article on page 23 of the PDF>

The article on "The Power of Story" was used as a two-part commentary on "FamilyLife This Week." Listen to the records by downloading them from my iDisk site.

Day one audio begins at 21:08
Day two audio begins at 9:43

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