Letter of Reference from Wayne Kinde

A physical copy of this letter appears in my portfolio in book form.

March 20, 2006

To Whom it May Concern:

I've worked with Mark Whitlock at Thomas Nelson as co-workers for over a year and have seen the kind of commitment and loyalty I admire in an employee. When an opening arose within my publishing division, I jumped at the chance to inquire if Mark was available. It was December 2005 when I hired Mark to join my staff as a Senior Acquisitions Editor, and it was the beset decision I could have ever made. Not to sound too flowery in a letter such as this, but for me it was a life-changing hire.

In taking the various strengths tests, Mark ranked very high in strategy. This was a critical piece of my business that I needed. But more than that, I saw in Mark a relational person (not highly likely in someone so strategic) who could bring a strong sense of cohesiveness in relating to authors, agents, and fellow co-workers. This relational side of Mark is what was most dynamic in my life, both professional yand personally. Mark prayed with authors and agents while he was speaking with them. There wasn't a time when Mark didn't ask them, "How can I pray for you?" To my knowledge, Mark always asked me the same question after each of our weekly meetings. And we prayed. Sometimes it was gut-wrenching and we cried together.

This is the kind of person Mark became in my life; yes, more than just a great employee who had a great strategic mind, saw the big picture, executed well in everything he did, and made awesome presentations. He was a friend, a person who cared more about the relationship, looked for ways to help others on the team, and a great man of God who had Him in his mind. And it showed.

If I were to make any more hiring decisions, I would attempt to look for a man or woman just like Mark Whitlock. I give him the highest recommendation a Vice President of a $250 million business could make.

Respectfully submitted,

Wayne R. Kinde

(contact information available upon request)

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